UV cylinder printer structure and application

       UV cylinder printer refers to a digital short-version device that prints a pattern on the surface of a cylinder. .Cylindrical products include but are not limited to: wine bottles, thermos cups, metal round tubes, and so on. In the past, the screen printing process could only print patterns on the surface of these materials. The new UV round bottle printer can print patterns on the cylinder.

       as the picture shows:


        Part of the UV cylinder printer, 1 is the ink jet nozzle. The rotation of the transverse servo motor drives the curved substrate with a circular cross-section. The rotation control device of the heading motor is reasonably spaced from the longitudinal direction of the nozzle. This structure expands the range of substrate types.

        In the structure of the UV cylinder printer, the servo motor controls the substrate to rotate at a uniform speed, and the movement of the ink car is synchronized with this, so that the nozzle realizes printing on the substrate. Avoiding the problem of position shift encountered in manual printing, and performing multi-color printing at one time avoids the problem of registration and registration. These advantages are effectively combined with engraving and etching processes in practical applications, which improves the subjectivity of personalized product customization.

       The nozzles currently used in UV cylindrical printers on the market are:

       1. Epson series nozzles are mostly tx800 and xp600, and the price is generally below 30,000;

       2. Toshiba series nozzles, mostly Toshiba ce4m, the price is generally around 60,000;

       3, the majority of small Ricoh gh2220 nozzle, the price is generally around 50,000.

       Although there are large-format UV cylindrical printers on the market, it is not recommended. The physical accuracy of UV cylindrical printers is lower than that of UV flatbed printers. Once the format is too large, the physical error value will be greater, and the number of failures will increase. .

       The market for UV cylindrical printer applications is mainly customized by end users, such as customized drinks and drinks for corporate companies, customized drinks such as personal wedding banquets, and advanced education. Of course, there are also custom-designed solar tubes, water pipes, and so on. Basically, diy color printing patterns on cylindrical products in life can be realized with this device.

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