UV flatbed printing line machine

        The uv flatbed printing line machine refers to an efficient and automated production line production mode. In this mode, the processes of automatic loading and unloading, automatic registration, automatic printing, and cutting, engraving and other processes supporting the entire printing process are combined. On the one hand, it has greatly improved production efficiency, and on the other hand, it has saved personnel, which has become another direction for the development of UV flatbed printers.

UV flatbed printing line machine

       This article introduces two common UV flatbed printing line machines, one is used in digital products, such as mobile phone cases, ipad shells, etc., and the other is used in leather material line machines.

       When the digital product UV flat-printing production line machine is running, move the flat-bed UV printer's print head above the 2 printing platform to ensure a reasonable and controllable distance between the print head and the printing platform. This assembly line is dedicated to the printing of small plate substrates such as mobile phone cases and mobile phone screen frames. It integrates feeding, positioning, transmission, inkjet printing, and receiving to achieve efficient automated production.

       The leather printing assembly line is shown in the figure. This assembly line can realize the combination of screen printing and inkjet. It is also not applicable to the screen printing function, and the assembly line function is selected according to specific printing requirements and costs. Based on the quality inspection of leather printed products, a swing friction tester is designed as shown in the figure. FX3U series Mitsubishi PLC is used to control the reciprocating motion of the cylinder to realize the mechanical mechanism to drive the friction and pull of the leather; the touch screen is used as the upper computer to set the number of swings and friction.

       The UV flatbed printing line machine has certain requirements on the technical level of the manufacturer. Not only must be proficient in the secondary development of software systems, but also the design of the hardware structure must have a solid foundation. At present, only a few manufacturers in the industry have the corresponding capabilities . Some large-scale users with large orders, when investigating UV flatbed printer manufacturers, may not only evaluate their equipment performance and after-sales service, but also have a deep understanding of the level of their assembly line machines....

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