Mobile phone shell bulge processing

       Most do phone shell diy custom user, we will use uv flatbed printer to print patterns directly on the shell. The advantage of full color can be made without having to plate, from order production, small batch production to try to do make-demand application can be flexible. However, with the intensification of the competition in the market, prices have prevailed over 2 dollars and growing homogenization. If you do deep processing to increase the added value, and talk about a process under which the "uplift process."

Mobile phone shell bulge processing

       Is the specific polyurethane resin liquid was stirred in a vacuum, and then drawn through the surface tension and cured, thereby enabling the spherical surface display technology. Alternatively ridges processing techniques using transparent ink printed, and can enhance the stereoscopic glossy texture.

       A bulge manufacture step need tools.

       First, a 1: 1 ratio of liquid formulations urethane resin

Ridges processing liquid used in the liquid resin is divided into two kinds of a resin body and a curing agent. Placing them in the 1: 1 ratio for the deployment. Because the same specific gravity, can be weighed with an electronic balance while side formulation. The units each with 25g, 50g total use of urethane liquid resin.

       Second, the vacuum was stirred in a blender

       The amount of resin necessary to move the cup, into the vacuum mixing cover lid, and mounted on the agitator. Using the suction means draws air side, stirring for 6 minutes.

Vacuum was stirred organic resin

       Third, the move to a syringe, the installation is complete!

      After the counter ringing, off suction device, to remove the plug cap opening, remove the container. Carefully liquid resin is injected into the syringe for dropping the liquid resin's. In this case, in order to avoid leakage of the liquid resin from the tip of the syringe, is placed in advance in a container such as a paper cup below.

       If you connect the compressor cover can be effectively embedded in preparation work will be complete!

Stir processing resin bump

       Fourth, below uplift process!

       Dropping a liquid resin using a syringe. The working principle is: the pressing rod connector plug opening of the compressor, the air can flow out into the resin from the tip of the syringe. Very viscous liquid resin. When processing phone shell shell, if two blocks in advance about dropping, the resin is gradually spread on their own stop coverage.

Processed in 0.010377 Second.