Rich Ricoh gen6-MH5320 / 5340 print head

       There are two models of Rich Ricoh gen6 printheads, namely MH5320 and 5340 printheads. At the end of this year and later, domestic Ricoh UV flatbed printer manufacturers focus on a print head to market. This article analyzes the nozzle's product composition / positioning, characteristics, and time to market.

Rich Ricoh gen6-MH5320 / 5340 print head

  Product composition of Ricoh MH5320 / 5340 printhead

      The customer is free to choose two colors on one end or four colors on one end. The more colors are selected, the corresponding speed and accuracy will be reduced. Long and short connecting lines are used.

      Product Composition

      MH5320 (1 head and two colors)

      MH5340 (1 head four colors)

      MH532020C (length: 195mm)

      MH5320 45C (length: 453mm)

      When using 1 color: 150dpi × 4 columns / color → 600dpi

      When using 2 colors: 150dpi × 2 columns / color → 300dpi

      When using 4 colors: 150dpi × 1 column / color → 150dpi

      Ricoh MH5320 / 5340 print head positioning

      Jet flow rate = number of nozzles × number of nozzle holes × ignition frequency, Gen6-MH5320 / 5340 nozzle is mainly oriented to the industrial high-speed UV printing field.

      The current Ricoh gen nozzle series are:

      Gen6-MH5320 / 5340;

      Gen5-5420 / 5421, MH521MF / F, MH5440 / MH5441, MH5220;

      Gen4-MH2620 / 2820, MH2420, GH2220

      Second, the three major features of Ricoh MH5320 / 5340 print head

    (1) High production capacity

      Increased ignition frequency → Increased ink discharge per unit time

      MH5420 in single-level grayscale printing mode: 30Khz, in multi-level grayscale printing mode: 20Khz

      MH5320 multi-level printing grayscale: 50Khz same resolution mode, save half time


      600x1200dpi output cart scanning speed ignition frequency Pass number

      MH5320 solution 1.5m / s 35.4Khz 4 (x1; y4)

      MH5420 solution 1.4m / s 17Khz 8 (x2; y4)

      Increase the ignition frequency and reduce the number of passes to achieve the same drawing quality.

      Reduce the requirements for the speed increase of the trolley, and reduce the difficulty of designing the trolley control.

     (2) High accuracy

      Support multi-level grayscale printing︓ Provide optimized visual experience for different application scenarios

     For close shots, select droplet printing;

     For long-term vision, choose big drop print;

     For everyday use, mix large, medium and small drops.

   (3) High ink compatibility

     MH5420 / 5440︓ UV / solvent

     MH5421 / 5441︓ Water-based

     MH5320 / 5340 parameter comparison

     Printhead characteristics MH5320 / 5340 MH5420 / 5440

     MH5421 / 5441

     Printing width 54.1mm 54.1mm

     Number of nozzles 1280 (4 x 320) 1280 (4 x 320)

     Resolution 600dpi 600dpi

     Compatible with ink UV, water, solvent MH5420 / 5440: UV, solvent

     MH5421 / 5441: water-based

     Number of colors 4 4

     Ignition frequency 50Khz 30Khz

     Ink Drop Size 5-15PL 7-21PL

     Viscosity range 10-12mPa / s 10-12mPa / s

     Cable pluggable fixed

      Third, Ricoh MH5320 / 5340 time to market

     Order accepted︓ April 19

     Bulk Supply: Summer 19

     Actually considering the development of corresponding motherboard programs, machine R & D and debugging, supporting inks, coatings, varnishes and other links for UV flatbed printers, it is estimated that the conservative point needs to be until the end of December 2019. At this stage, you can take a wait-and-see attitude and try to download it Choose again after half a year, at least 1 year to check whether this nozzle is suitable.

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