UV flatbed printer rental

         "Can uv flatbed printers be leased, how much is the cost of uv flatbed printers, why not provide leasing business?" Many friends asked about this, in fact, a small number of companies provide conditional leasing, but most of them do not First let's analyze the reasons for the rental demand:


        1. The budget is limited and you ca n’t afford so much at once;

        2. Insufficient understanding of UV flatbed printers and cautious investment attitude;

        3. I have an order in my hand, and I am not sure about the stability of the later order. In case of completion of this batch of goods, the back is gone, and the device is in my hand;

        4. Save expenses in two aspects: venue and personnel costs;

        5. Wide choice of independent, can rent uv flatbed printer with different performance according to the order situation ...

        Second, we say the conditional UV flatbed printer rental form:

        1. A one-time monthly payment form. The equipment is placed in the manufacturer's factory. The UV flatbed printer manufacturer provides technical personnel for operation and maintenance. Users only need to send the materials to the factory and take them after they are laid. This method is suitable for large-scale order processing in the peak season of 2-3 months, which can save costs and ensure the delivery time of external processing.

        2. Pay monthly, pay the deposit, and place the machine at the user's site. Because the UV flatbed printer is placed at the user's site, there are risks of damage, loss, secondary transfer, and even resale. Then UV flatbed printer manufacturers require users to pay a large deposit, and the contract signed is also very harsh. The monthly rent in this way is cheaper than the first, but the damage is caused by the customer, which is suitable for users with technical experience. Such as temporary increase in short-term orders.

        3. The method of renting and selling can refer to the methods of renting a car and renting a mobile phone. Users sign a financial plan in the form of personal credit loans. The overall cost is 1.5 times the cost of purchasing equipment. Basically no user will use this the way.

       Finally, talk about why UV flatbed printer rental cannot be carried out in large areas:

       1. It is not a standardized product. Each machine has a different technical level and requires professionals to operate it.

       2. The overall technical level is not as mature as that of home and office printers, and the failure rate is relatively high. Amateurs can easily make the nozzles scrap within a few minutes.

       3, the price of the equipment is too high, few manufacturers have sufficient financial strength to play like this.

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