What are the 100,000 UV printers?

       About 100,000 UV printers have basically reached the high-end civilian or industrial entry-level configuration. Regardless of the model size or nozzle configuration on the market, the range of choice is very wide, and it is also a place where many users are entangled.

100,000 UV printers

       The high-level civilian use refers to the use of 5-7 Toshiba nozzles, 3-4 Ricoh gen5 nozzles, and other nozzles such as Epson series nozzles, Xiaoliguang gh2220, etc., because the price is cheap, not within the range of about 100,000.

       Civil size generally refers to the width within 1.6 meters. The length of the length is relatively low, regardless of cost or technical requirements, and is not considered. The wider the width, the higher the performance of the machine's corresponding components and technical requirements. Common models in the market are 1610, 1510 and so on.

       The general idea of choosing civilian high distribution:

       1. If the wide width does not need to be particularly wide, the performance and quantity requirements of the nozzles must be high;

       2. If the width requirement is high, the nozzle configuration will be lower in the price range.

       The entry-level configuration of the industry refers to the large size of the UV printer model, but the core configuration belongs to the entry-level. Common are:

       1. Use low-end series nozzles, such as Epson 5th generation and 7th generation;

       2, using a low version, such as three Ricoh gen5 nozzles, two colors out of one.

       If you choose an industrial entry level, try to choose a machine that supports more nozzles and hardware upgrades in the future, so that as the order volume continues to increase, you can upgrade the existing machine without having to re-add a new UV printer.

       In addition, if you have some technical experience, it is recommended to choose a used UV printer with an original price of about 200,000, which can be obtained for 100,000, which is more cost-effective. After all, this is just an industrial piece of equipment that can work and print products faster, and no one cares if it is used.

       It should be noted that, as far as possible, do not choose a second-hand price of about 100,000 uv volume leveling all-in-one machine, such equipment is not a separate device with stable performance. Over time, second-hand performance will be worse, and later maintenance costs will be high and not cost-effective.

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