UV print unit price

       There are two common charging methods for UV print unit prices. One is based on square meters, ranging from tens to hundreds per square meter; the other is based on quantity, ranging from a few to a dozen.

UV print unit price

       First, the unit price of UV printing based on square meters

      1. This kind of board suitable for large size, such as acrylic board, kt board, foamed board, glass, etc., usually starts at 40 yuan per square meter;

      2. The simpler the pattern and the larger the number, the lower the price for batch printing. In some places, it can be processed for 25 yuan / square meter;

      3. The selection of this processing method is based on the area of the material, not the area of the actual pattern. Because the time consumption of the machine during the printing process is calculated based on the entire material. So sometimes some users who talk about only one-tenth of the local price, how can it be so expensive. In this case, after the two parties communicated, a slightly lower price was set;

      Second, the unit price of UV printing

      1. This kind of material is suitable for small size, such as mobile phone case, glass switch, ipad leather case, etc. The price is 2 yuan for some and 3 yuan for some;

      2. The price is affected by the amount of ink printed on the material. For example, if the number of white ink prints is large, the price is expensive.

      3, special shape of small materials, such as fans, shoes, etc., if you need to do grinding tools to fix, the price will be higher.

      Users often ask questions about UV printing:

       1. Where can I find such a printing company?

      It is recommended to choose a local advertising store, building materials market, or electronic digital product processing store. This type generally has a UV printer, which can be selected after selecting a region online.

      2. Is there a charge for UV proofing?

      Usually there is no charge for proofing within 3 pieces. If it exceeds, it will be charged.

      3. How to choose a suitable UV printing company if the quantity is large?

      It is recommended to choose a local UV printer manufacturer. Generally, manufacturers will have a processing center, but the required starting volume is relatively high, generally starting at 500 square meters or more than 2,000.

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