Toshiba CF1 print head

There are three models under the Toshiba CF1 printhead, namely CF1, CF1L, CF1XL. The following are detailed parameters:

Product parameters: CF1 CF1L CF1XL

Printing method: Piezoelectric on-demand inkjet print head

Printing width: 53.7mm

Number of effective nozzles: 636

Resolution: 300dpi

Nozzle pitch: 84.5μm

Gray level: 8 gray levels (0 / 1-7dpd) 4 gray levels (0, 5-7dpd) 6 gray levels (0, 1-5dpd)

Ink drop size: 5-35pl 64-90pl 36-180pl

Printing frequency: 6.2khz (maximum dripping amount) 4.8khz (maximum dripping amount) 4.8khz (maximum dripping amount)

Printing speed: 25m / min (maximum dripping amount) 24m / min (maximum dripping amount) 24m / min (maximum dripping amount)

Driving voltage: 14-31v

Dropping speed: 9-11m / s 7-9m / s 7-9m / s

Available inks: UV & oily

CF1 / CF1L / CF1XL standard size (MM mm)

Standard size with adjustable mounting plate:

1. Maximum printing speed and frequency: It can be increased by reducing the amount of dripping ink.

2. The distance from the first nozzle is 10μm, which can be more accurate and easier to adjust the nozzle position, and it is more convenient to install on the printing equipment.

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