The heavier the uv flatbed printer, the better?

       Is the performance of the uv flatbed printer reliable by weight? the answer is negative. This is actually taking advantage of the misunderstanding that most people judge quality by weight. There are several misunderstandings here.

The heavier the uv flatbed printer, the better

       The heavier the uv flatbed printer, the better the misunderstanding

       Myth 1: The heavier the uv flatbed printer, the better the quality.

       In fact, it is easy to increase the weight of the uv flatbed printer, and it is difficult to reduce the weight. Regardless of aesthetic design and cost savings, accessories and parts such as vacuum systems, water cooling systems, suction systems, etc., can easily be 200-300 kg more easily. However, if you ensure that its performance is unchanged, reduce the volume by half, the price must be doubled at least, and some accessories should be doubled. Under normal circumstances, the heavier and heavier the components, the higher the energy consumption, the heavier the noise pollution, and the later the maintenance is more troublesome.

        Myth 2: The heavier and more stable the uv flatbed printer

        The physical structure stability of the uv flatbed printer is determined by factors such as the manufacturer's design level, the quality of the parts used, and the level of production technology. The weight factor is very small. Regardless of cost, carbon fiber composites, alloys, etc., can reduce the overall weight of the equipment by at least 40%.

       Myth 3: The heavier the uv flatbed printer, the longer the service life.

       This is completely unsuitable. The service life of the uv flatbed printer depends on the maintenance of the operator and the quality of the various accessories of the equipment. It does not matter the weight.

       But why do some uv flatbed printer manufacturers like to make the machine heavier and heavier?

       1. Marketing needs

       The heavier it can reflect the solid workmanship of the factory, let the user see such a big machine through the eyes, the weight is so heavy, this price will certainly not suffer; convenient sales personnel for the machine parts, performance and other aspects of packaging publicity.

       2.cost savings need

       Under the premise of ensuring performance, if the volume is reduced and the energy consumption is reduced, the hard production cost will be much higher, which will reduce the original profit, and the market price competition will suffer.

       3.technical level restrictions

      Considering that the technical level of engineering departments of different uv printer manufacturers is different, some levels are generally or poor, and it is indeed impossible to better optimize the physical structure.

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