Toshiba CE4 print head

Toshiba CE4 printhead introduction:

Product model: CE4

Printing width: 53.7mm

Number of effective nozzles: 636

Physical resolution: 300npi

Gray mode: 8 levels of gray (standard)

Ink Drop Size: 5-35pl

                    1 point 28.0KHZ

Ignition frequency: 3 points 13KHZ

                              7 o'clock 6.2KHZ

Production line speed: 1 point, 1200dpi 35m / min

                                     7 points, 300dpi 31m / min

Driving voltage: 14-31v

Support ink: UV, oily, weak solvent

Nozzle weight: 174g

Standard size: 85 (W) X75 (D) X34 (H) mm

Toshiba CE4 print head structure diagram:

Toshiba CE4 print head structure diagram

1. Note: The values in parentheses are for reference only.

2. Some inks may damage the nozzle, depending on the chemical composition of the ink.

3. Before using the ink, the ink compatibility test of Caler must be passed to ensure the performance and life of the print head.

Processed in 0.005184 Second.