What is the structure of UV printer equipment?

        What is the structure of UV printer equipment? UV printer is a very popular device in the printing industry at present. It has many advantages, simple and convenient operation, low printing cost, good printing effect, fast printing speed, and good equipment quality. Advantage, very welcomed by the market. However, some customers will ask, there are hundreds of thousands of UV printers, at least 100,000, what are the mechanical equipment structure of UV printers? Now Kahl will give you a brief introduction to the internal structure of UV printers.

What is the structure of UV printer equipment

       Uv printer is mainly divided into three parts, namely the frame, printing part, and ink supply part.

       UV printer's frame includes: machine steel frame base, motor servo, lead screw, guide rail, energy chain, suction platform, etc.

       Printing part of UV printer: main board, print head, cable, grating, encoder disk, etc.

       Ink supply part of UV printer: main ink tank, secondary ink tank, ink circuit, cleaning unit, etc.

       The print head is the most critical part in these parts. The mainstream print heads are usually Seiko print heads or Ricoh print heads. So in the long-term use process, how to maintain the nozzle and improve the service life of the machine?

        The nozzle is composed of many small ink nozzles. The inkjet holes are about the same size as dust particles. If dust and small debris enter the nozzle, the nozzle is easily blocked, and the nozzle panel is contaminated with ink, which causes the ink ejection to have an adverse effect. In order to avoid nozzle damage, the following two points should be noticed during use:

       1. Do not disassemble the nozzle from the host and place it separately, especially in a high temperature and low humidity state, if it is left for a long time, it will cause the moisture contained in the ink in the nozzle to evaporate. Dry ink will block the nozzle. If the nozzle has appeared If it is blocked, the cleaning operation should be carried out immediately. If the cleaning effect is not achieved, the new spray head should be replaced.

       2. Avoid touching the nozzle with your fingers or tools to prevent the nozzle surface from being scratched, or oily, and debris blocking the nozzle. Do not blow air directly onto the nozzle surface. Do not apply sweat, oil stains, alcohol, etc. to the nozzle, which may cause changes in the ink composition and viscosity, and cause the ink to dry and block. Do not wipe the nozzle surface with tissue paper, cloth, or lens paper.

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