Can uv printers adjust ink thickness?

        Can uv printers adjust ink thickness? UV printers are becoming more and more popular in the printing industry, but there are still many people who are not very familiar with UV printers. Although UV printers have many advantages compared to traditional machines, on the other hand, many manufacturers have not yet purchased UV printers In the period of exploring and summing up experience, the quality of UV printers is still very affordable. Recently, many customers have inquired whether the UV printer can change the ink thickness, how to change it, and the detailed method. Let us know today.

adjust ink thickness

       Usually speaking, UV printers are usually four colors, and industrial equipment standards are six colors and eight colors. Adjusting the thickness of the ink mainly depends on three factors.

The first is the variety and background color of the material. If the material has a softer appearance, a larger gap, and a darker background color of the raw material, the ink volume needs to be increased by 20% -40%.

        Second is the requirement to see the image. If the color of the image is darker and the color is more vivid, then the thickness of the ink needs to be adjusted appropriately.

Finally, it depends on special requirements. If the material needs to be printed with 3D effects, you need to add the thickness of the ink.

        Adjust the thickness of the ink, you can choose the following methods.

        1. In the printing software, you can set the percentage of ink jet volume, you can also set the number of times of printing, and then change the thickness of the ink. This has the advantages of saving ink on the one hand and improving print quality on the other.

        2, the UV printer sets the thickness of the ink, and there is a supplementary function that is the percentage of feathering. Usually it is between 0% -200%. If the system prints more delicate patterns and richer colors, you need to use the feathering function. The larger the value, the better the effect of printing. The same, it will reduce the printing Speed, the details should be determined according to the actual needs of users.

        It should be noted that the thickness of the ink set by the UV printer is not the thicker the better, if it is not set properly, it will affect the color quality of the print.

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