UV flatbed printer use

       UV flatbed printers are widely used. They can print flat-panel materials, such as leather, glass, advertisements, and ceramic tiles. Basically, a multi-purpose effect is achieved.


In addition, UV flatbed printers can also be applied to the following industries:

       1. Advertising industry

Print landscapes, pictures, promotional materials, etc. on the surface of wooden boards, aluminum boards, cardboards, acrylic boards or metal plates, and be used in advertising, exhibition services, counter-markers, signs and other fields.

       2, glass industry

       The uv flatbed printer can directly print various patterns on the glass surface, instead of manual painting, and realize the real-time processing process without plate, high efficiency, low cost, and rich colors. The convenience of operation has saved a lot of time for customers in the glass industry. Bring considerable economic benefits to manufacturers.

       3. Decoration industry

Uv flatbed printer can directly print the required patterns on the surface of various decorative materials such as ceiling, fire-proof board, aluminum-plastic board, MDF, stone, ceramic, etc., to meet the needs of personalized decoration, and bring considerable economic benefits to architectural decoration companies.

       4. Digital enclosure industry

       You can print all kinds of personalized patterns and even photos on the U disk, mobile phone shell, computer shell, mobile power shell, various protective cases, and leather cases, which can truly achieve personalized customization and DIY production.

       After the above description, the uses of UV flatbed printers are often more than these, replacing the traditional screen printing, etching, filming and other processes, which not only reduces the process, reduces the cost, but also increases the firmness. It can also print some Chevron boards, KT Board, aluminum-plastic board, light box printing, toilet cover printing and other materials.

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