UV flatbed printer ink supply system troubleshooting

       UV flatbed printer ink supply system is particularly prone to failure during use. If the ink supply system fails during use and there is no technical staff to solve it, it is better to understand the troubleshooting method when the nozzle is blocked.


       If you find that there is a lot of resistance when pumping ink with a syringe, and there is no ink flowing into the syringe, it can be determined that the pipeline is blocked, please handle it in time according to the following situations that cause the pipeline to be blocked:

       1. the ink outlet is blocked

Put the sealing plug on the external box upside down, pull out the ink tube from the external ink box, and check whether it is blocked. If the 2513 flatbed printer is blocked, use the needle of the syringe to insert the ink outlet.

       2.Ink elbow is blocked

Pull out the ink filling elbow from the ink cartridge, and then unplug the ink filling elbow from the end of the ink supply line to check whether it is blocked. If it is blocked, clean the elbow with water and blow it with your mouth.

       3.Ink pipeline is blocked

        For UV flatbed printers, when the ink outlet and the ink filling elbow are not blocked, use a syringe to draw ink from the ink outlet. Whether there is a blockage at the two ends of the pipeline. If there are short crystals or foreign objects, you can remove it with a straightened paper clip; if it is a blockage of a long pipeline, contact your local dealer to purchase a new six-row or four-row pipeline.

       If none of the above three are possible, it can be judged that the air filter of the external ink cartridge is blocked, the air filter should be cleaned and the water should be dried.

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