What materials can UV flatbed printers print

       At present, many users are learning what materials can be printed by UV flatbed printers. The main consideration is whether a printer can achieve the effect of multi-use and whether the printing materials are diverse. Then we will give you a detailed introduction below. a bit.


       1.Printing glass

       Since the surface of glass is smooth, it is a material that is difficult to print. The coating needs to be done before printing, which can prevent the picture from falling off and fading, improve the adhesion, and ensure that the printing effect is more beautiful. The print glass can print a variety of patterns.

       2.print tiles

       Because of the special use of ceramic tiles, printing patterns on ceramic tiles has always been a problem in the printing industry. Before printing ceramic tiles, it is also necessary to do a coating treatment to better achieve waterproof, sun-proof and scratch-resistant printing effects.

       3.Print mobile phone case

       At present, the demand for mobile phone cases in the market is still relatively large. Many users will choose a patterned phone case to protect their mobile phones. Faced with this market, many businesses have also joined the industry of mobile phone case printing and sales. However, many users are distressed about how to choose a high-precision UV flatbed printer. Many manufacturers have previously purchased single-head printers on the market. After using them, they found that such devices are not only slow, but also have high accuracy. Market demand. Hangzhou Kale's 2513 flatbed printer can fully meet the market demand of manufacturers, not only with fast printing speed, high precision, but also long service life.

       4.print leather

        The printing of leather has always been a problem for the leather printing industry, because leather has stretchability, and the printed pattern will not be so perfect after being stretched. So be sure to pay attention to this when printing leather.

        5.Print Advertising

        The advertising industry should use the most printing. Materials such as PVC and acrylic are also often used in the advertising industry.

        6. Printing rice paper and oil painting.

        At present, the amount of printing of rice paper and oil painting is relatively large. If such a large amount is only used for manual painting, it will be a very large job. So do not choose a printer that is too small, 2513 is almost the same, choose too small print width supply and demand is not enough.

         The materials that can be printed are not only the ones described above, but the more common manufacturers are in high demand in the market. For example, they can also print wooden boards, metal materials, cabinets, fans, glasses, etc. UV flatbed printers are designed to adapt to more More print media.

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