How to repair UV flatbed printers to save money

        How to repair uv flatbed printer to save more money? Answer: No. This is obviously a joke. In fact, unless there is a major problem, there is no need to repair it in consideration of economic benefits before giving up. Of course, don't expect that the equipment will not malfunction. This non-existent one has a problem. What can be done is to solve it as soon as possible to avoid greater losses.

save money

       First, save money by sending technicians by yourself

       Unless there is a problem that cannot be solved by itself, it can be solved by telephone, remote video, tutorials, etc. Do not let the manufacturer's technicians come to the door (although the free warranty is provided in the warranty). Of course, except for extremely close distances. This mainly considers the cost of time. The equipment is not working and cannot produce benefits. However, rent, staff salaries, and operating expenses are continuous expenses. The longer the delay, the greater the loss. Don't hold your door for free anyway.

       Second, choose the right technician for the manufacturer to save money

       There are three small methods to reduce the time and frequency of maintenance: 1. It is best to be a technician who first installs and debugs the equipment. He has a better and comprehensive understanding of the software and hardware of the machine. 2. Teachers are more efficient in solving problems than new technicians in after sales. They can also test other components along the way to deal with potential small problems. 3. A responsible and attentive technician is sometimes more important than the skill level. If you are satisfied during the after-sales contact process, you can negotiate with the manufacturer and appoint the person later.

        Third, widgets save money locally or online than manufacturers

        Aside from some large or custom parts, some common switches, buttons, screws, conduits, etc. can be bought by local hardware stores or online, and the price is not expensive, a few to dozens, no need to be To buy from the original manufacturer, one will take a long time to return, and the other one will be slightly more expensive. In the case of UV flatbed printer failures caused by these, maintenance is more cost-effective.

        Fourth, replacement in advance saves money than maintenance

        Many parts of UV flatbed printers have a fixed service life. Similar to ink tubes, they need to be replaced with new ones in 6-8 months, and the price is very cheap. More than 100 yuan. There is no need to wait 10 months or the ink supply failure On the one hand, if the time is too long, the printing effect will be reduced, and if there is a failure, it will delay production. There are also some small ink cartridges, limit switches and the like, which are directly replaced with new ones in about 8 months and 12 months, and prevention is more cost-effective than maintenance.

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