What determines UV printer life

       What determines UV printer life? How many years can a UV printer be used? This is a question that customers will ask before buying a UV printer. In fact, it is still difficult to answer this question. After all, there are many things to determine the life of a UV printer.


       First we have to analyze from the structure of UV printer. Generally UV printer is divided into two parts, the host part and the mechanical part.

       Mechanical part refers to the external components such as printing plane and transmission parts. As long as these parts are not damaged by severe external force, there is basically no problem. Unless some manufacturers use poor quality raw materials to cause poor machine quality, there is no need to worry about other quality issues in this regard.

        The host part refers to the head part, including the print head, motherboard, ink supply system, etc. The most important part of the main unit is the nozzle, which is also a fragile component. There are several types of nozzles. The nozzles we use are Seiko nozzles, and the normal normal life is about 3 years. So, as long as you operate correctly Maintenance, the nozzle is changed every 3 years. After the nozzle is replaced, the machine can still be used until you do not want to use it.

         At the same time, the print head is closely related to the main board, ink supply system, etc. Their quality problems are complementary. The main board is not working. Maybe the good print head will be burned out, which will cause a series of problems. So when we choose the machine, , Be sure to choose a regular manufacturer, because only regular manufacturers will give you formal protection.

         In fact, in general, the life of UV printers is determined by the various parts of the machine, but the selection of each part of the machine is determined by the manufacturer, so it is important to buy equipment from regular manufacturers, different The equipment of the manufacturer is composed of the same parts, but the quality of the parts of the equipment is different, and the engineers of the company are different. This will lead to the same machine, which has a life of only a few months and some decades.

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