UV flatbed printer using process

       First of all, if you want to understand the UV flatbed printer, you must first understand what kind of process it is. With the continuous innovation and development of technology, according to the continuous improvement of traditional printing, a new type of printing method has appeared. Appeared, its appearance broke the traditional way and realized the printing of any material. If you want to make greater use of UV flatbed printers to better create value for you, then start to understand the use of printers!


        1. First determine the pattern to be printed, then import the high-definition pattern into the computer, and then connect it to the UV flatbed printer.

        2. Position a UV flatbed printer before printing:

Place the product in a fixed position, maintain a proper space to facilitate the operation and printing of the input and output of the product, it is strictly prohibited to operate and use a UV flatbed printer in high-temperature areas and direct sunlight, and it is strictly prohibited to place it with vibration Place to use.

        3.Cable connection for UV flatbed printer

        Check whether the printer and computer are turned off, then cut off the power supply, random distribution of color control discs, driver discs, teaching discs and other USB data cables, one decoder, each power cord, and the computer or network interface cable Connect the cable, then check the voltage value of the label on the back of the printer, make sure the voltage and equipment match the voltage of your outlet, and then connect the power if it is correct.

        4. Software settings

        When buying a printer, the manufacturer will bring a driver CD with it. The window control system has some printer drivers. It is best to download the driver from the manufacturer's website, because the latest driver is downloaded online. After downloading, open "Printer" in the taskbar setting of the computer, and then set the driver corresponding to the target printer to "" Default printer ", remember to set the printer's properties according to the specific situation when applying the software.

        5. Turn off the UV flatbed printer

        First, you should check and determine whether it is in the normal standby state before shutting down. If the ink is exhausted, please replace the ink cartridges in time. You need to wait for the UV flatbed printer to finish printing before you can shut down. You should turn off the printer power key when shutting down. Shut down. Do not directly cut off the power. After shutting down, cover the printer with a cloth to prevent the entry of dust that will cause damage to the UV flatbed printer.

        Please be careful with the use of UV flatbed printers to maintain the continuous life of the printer.

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