Cleaning method of UV printer nozzle

        How to clean the print head of UV printer, I think many users who have just started to contact UV printer expressed doubts about how to clean the print head. Under normal circumstances: After the UV flatbed printer is powered on, the print head is driven by the carriage. The nozzle cleaning unit executes the procedure of automatically cleaning the nozzle. The system starts to clean the ink absorption part of the nozzle. After the cleaning is completed, the nozzle will be sealed by the sealing rubber on the nozzle frame. The following are the specific ways of cleaning the nozzle:


        1, manual cleaning

        Matching gloves, a leather tube is placed in front of the syringe, the ink suction valve is aligned with the nozzle, and the ink is slowly drawn upward. However, this method considers that the technicians can quickly align the nozzles and control the level of ink extraction. The advantage is that it saves ink, but it is time-consuming. The disadvantage is that if the nozzles are not allowed, repeated extraction Ink, waste a lot of resources.

        2, automatic cleaning

        Software control, the car will automatically align the position of the waste ink port, and automatically inkjet cleaning. However, the fixed value of the ink jet volume is set to 50ml once or higher. Although it saves time and labor, it consumes extremely ink and raises the cost of ink consumables, so it is not recommended.

        3.Semi-automatic cleaning

        Firstly, the nozzle head of the equipment is automatically aligned with the ink stack, and the technician only needs to control the syringe to draw ink. Usually consumed in the amount of 5ml to 10ml. It meets the basic requirements of saving time and time, and will not be washed incompletely because it is not aligned, so it is recommended to use.

        If there is a problem during the cleaning of the print head, you can handle it in the following ways:

       1. If some parts are damaged during cleaning, the damaged components should be replaced in time. For example: (aging rubber seals and other phenomena).

       2, the main control circuit board failure: immediately check the situation to determine whether to replace or repair the main control circuit board.

       3. The paper feed motor runs abnormally: Because the cleaning unit in the print head is driven by the paper feed motor, when the motor fails, the print head cleaning system will be affected. (Check or repair the paper feed motor, if necessary, replace the motor in time).

       4. There is a problem with the motor drive of some carriages: the carriage cannot be moved to the nozzle cleaning unit to perform the cleaning procedure. Because when the carriage returns to the initial position at the left end (some appear at the right end), the paper feed motor can be driven, and the paper feed machine turns to the cleaning system and automatic paper feeder that drive the nozzle. (Inspect and repair the carriage motor and drive circuit).

        According to the above description: There are several cleaning methods. Under the mastery of specific problems, specific analysis, select the appropriate cleaning method: save ink usage and extend the life of the nozzle.

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