How to use UV printer coating

        How to use UV printer coating? In the use of UV printers, especially for materials with poor adhesion such as printed glass and ceramic tiles, coating is essential. The coating plays an auxiliary role in UV printer printing. It can well adhere UV ink to the surface of the material during the printing process, and can even slightly damage the surface of the material (the damage is particularly small, which cannot be seen by human eyes. ), So that UV ink penetrates into the material well, so as to achieve long-term bright, vivid, color-fast, waterproof and scratch-resistant effects.


        Some materials may occasionally have poor adhesion after using a coating. Generally, there are several reasons:

        1. The coating is artificially diluted, which reduces the coating concentration and does not exhibit the original effect.

        2. The coating is stored for a long time, and dust, water, oil, etc. enter, which damages the internal structure of the coating.

       3. The coating properties are not consistent with the printing materials. For example, the coating of glass is used on leather. The choice of coating should be water-soluble or oily according to the printing material.

       When encountering the above situation, the main solutions are as follows:

       1. The coating should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight. After opening, use it as soon as possible. If it is not used up in one time, close the opening.

       2. In actual operation, the operator should keep his hands clean, and the workshop environment should be kept clean and bright.

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