Why UV printer printing tile market is good

       Why is the UV printer printing tile market good? Speaking of equipment for glass tile background wall printing? Of course, it is a UV printer. In the past two years, the market for tile glass printing made by UV printers has maintained a rapid growth. So why is this? What is good about Uv printers printing tiles?


       1, emerging high-tech printing equipment

       Uv printers are printing equipments that have only emerged in recent years, and have more advantages than traditional printing equipments that currently exist. UV printers are more able to meet the current market needs, such as: printing speed can reach 25-40㎡ / h, printing accuracy can reach 1440dpi, simple operation, low printing costs and so on. Only by meeting the needs of the market can profit be achieved and enterprises can reap profits.

       2, more practical

       Traditional printing equipment is limited to certain materials, but UV printers are not the same. It can print for soft ones such as leather, and hard ones such as tiles, glass, metal, etc. It is relatively more practical.

       3.A wide range of applications

       Uv printers have a wide range of applications. Having a uv printer can cover many industries at the same time, effectively solving the problem of fewer orders from users, especially for those who have just started a business. It is a very good choice.

       4.The equipment has a longer service life

       Regardless of the product, there is always a life cycle of its own. Although it will not be completely eliminated for printing equipment, it will take a long time and the usage will be greatly reduced when it cannot meet the market at that time. The UV printer is highly suitable and will not be eliminated for a long time in the future. As a printing company, this is a very worthwhile investment.

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