What is the number of UV printer nozzles?

      The number of UV printer nozzles is mainly determined by the following four factors, which are the characteristics of the nozzle, the color requirements, the technical level of the manufacturer, and the process requirements.


       Nozzle characteristics:

       The characteristics of different nozzles are different. Some nozzles can produce eight colors on one head (Epson fifth-generation nozzles), some nozzles can emit one color on one head (Seiko gs508 nozzle), and some nozzles can emit two colors on one head (Ricoh 5 print heads), then according to the standard 4 color requirements, one Epson print head UV printer is sufficient, four Seiko gs508 print heads, two Ricoh 5 print heads.

      Factors affecting the number of UV printer nozzles

       Color requirements:

       In addition to the basic four colors, there are six colors, eight colors, nine colors, and eleven higher colors, so the number of corresponding nozzles is completely different. Take the gs508 printhead as an example: four-color is four printheads, six-color is six printheads, and so on.

       Manufacturer's technical level

       This impact is very large. Some manufacturers can make six-color equipment, some manufacturers can make eight-color equipment, and some manufacturers can make nine-color equipment. When choosing a UV printer, you must know the situation in advance to avoid buying a four-color UV printer in the early stage. If you want to upgrade later, you cannot achieve it.

       Process requirements

       It mainly refers to whether the printed pattern needs embossed effect. If necessary, a nozzle is required to print white ink. Whether it is necessary to print varnish, if necessary, also need to add an additional nozzle. Do you need faster printing modes, such as double four-color, double six-color, and so on.

      The above four factors directly affect the number of UV printer nozzles. Of course, in the specific selection, the equipment must meet the requirements of its own capital budget, material printing speed, printing quality, and the corresponding consumables costs and after-sales maintenance costs. And other factors. The reputation of UV printer companies is also very important. Many parties understand and compare, and it is easier to choose the appropriate UV printer.

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