Can universal UV flatbed printers replace inkjet printers

        Universal UV flatbed printers cannot replace inkjet printers, photo printers, or a series of printing equipment such as screen printers and pad printers. Just like mobile phones cannot replace computers, speakers, radios, etc. There are three main reasons: different advantages and disadvantages, different application areas, and different market needs.


       The advantages and disadvantages are different:

       Universal UV flatbed printers are good at short-run digital printing and personalized custom printing. If you encounter a large batch of hundreds of thousands of orders, it is required to complete within 3, this cannot be achieved. In addition, the cost of printing consumables is relatively high, reaching more than 5 yuan per square meter, while traditional, only one fifth or lower.

       Different application areas

       Universal UV flatbed printers are mainly used on sheet materials, plastics, and metal materials, such as common advertising signs, mobile phone cases, metal plates, glass, and tiles. If it is paper, advertising cloth, textile and other materials, it cannot be printed. Even after printing, the pattern is easy to fade, peel and peel.

       Different market needs

       There are always low-end, mid-end, and high-end requirements in the market. Universal UV flatbed printers are positioned in the mid-to-high-end printing field, so in the low-end and very high-end areas, they do not have market advantages and will not be Accepted by the user.

      The reasonable approach should be as follows:

      1. Enrich business to meet the needs of more users. In addition to having an inkjet printer, you can also purchase a universal UV flatbed printer to achieve more material printing processing.

      2. Recognize the positioning of your own customer base. If it is aimed at the low-end market, the inkjet printer is sufficient. If it is mid-to-high-end, a universal UV flatbed printer is needed.

      3, supporting equipment, a mature and large advertising company, in addition to these two types of equipment, there are color printers, copiers, etc., as much as possible to enrich the supporting equipment, in order to have a stronger competitiveness in the market .

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