How to clean up UV flatbed printer table

        The cleaning of UV flatbed printer table is divided into two cases, one is the cleaning of glass table and the other is the cleaning of metal suction platform. The former is simpler than the latter, but due to the limitations of practical printing materials, it has gradually been eliminated by the industry.


       Glass countertop cleaning:

       1. Spray the glass surface with absolute alcohol and let stand for 10 minutes;

       2. Wipe directly with a non-woven cloth to remove the residual ink on the surface.

       3. If the time is too long and the solidification is too deep, you can consider spraying with hydrogen peroxide before cleaning.

       Cleaning of metal suction platform:

       1. Spray the surface of the metal suction platform with absolute alcohol and let it stand for 10 minutes;

       2. Use a scraper to slowly wipe the solidified UV ink toward the surface;

       3. If it is not easy to cross off, spray alcohol again and leave it for longer.

       Required tools: disposable gloves, spatula, alcohol, non-woven cloth and other tools.

       Note: During the cleaning process, you can gently scrape the table in one direction. Do not scrape it repeatedly or repeatedly. This will easily cause permanent damage to the metal platform and reduce the surface flatness, which will affect the quality of printing.

       Conditional users, if not printing soft materials, can cover the surface of the platform with a layer, to play a protective role. After a period of time, tear the membrane directly and reinstall it again.

       Cleaning frequency: It is recommended that you clean it once a day, and do not clean it more than one month later, otherwise the workload will increase and it will easily cause scratches on the UV flatbed printer table.

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