What is the difference between civil and industrial UV printers

        The difference between civil and industrial UV printers is the type of nozzles. For example, industrial-grade nozzles include Seiko gs508, Seiko gs1024, and Ricoh nozzles. Civilian nozzles include Epson nozzles and Ricoh gh2220 nozzles. The following editors will introduce the differences between various nozzles:


        1.Print speed comparison

        Industrial machine gs508 nozzle, production speed is 20㎡ / hour; gs1024 nozzle is 35㎡ / hour; Ricoh g5 nozzle, 12㎡-15㎡ / hour. Epson's fifth-generation sprinklers for civil machines have a production speed of 7㎡ / hour; for the Ricoh gh2220, it is 6-8㎡ / hour.

        The UV printers with industrial printheads are equipped with 5 printheads, 4 colors plus one white, and the printing speed is 40 square meters / h, while the flatbed printers with civil printheads are colorful. However, a UV printer can only be equipped with 2 nozzles, the printing speed is 15 square meters / h, and the printing speed is very slow. If the enterprise requires high production speed, industrial UV printers are definitely the first choice. After all, the speed is nearly 2.5 times faster.

        2, print accuracy comparison

        Epson prints ink drops of 3.5pl, small Ricoh print head is 3pl, Seiko 508gs print head is 12pl, Seiko 1024gs print head is 7pl, and Ricoh G5 is 7pl. Although the civilian precision is relatively high, the nozzle and the machine are sold at a much lower price, but the nozzle holes are thinner, the nozzle is more difficult to maintain, it is easier to plug, and the life of the nozzle is shorter.

        3.Low maintenance cost of industrial machines

        The life of Seiko nozzles is 3-5 years (12,000 / piece), Ricoh's life is 1-2 years (22,000 / piece), while the life of Epson's nozzle is only 6 months (7.5 thousand / piece), 3-4 for small Ricoh nozzle Months (3,000 / piece). In terms of nozzle life, industrial-grade nozzles are 2-5 times longer than civilian-type nozzles, but the price is only doubled.

        4.Low failure rate of industrial machines

        The service life of industrial 2513uv printer nozzles is 3-5 years, which is not easy to plug. The machine life of civilian printers is 3-6 months, which is very easy to plug and affect the printing efficiency of enterprises. From the perspective of time, although the initial investment cost is high, the failure rate of industrial-grade UV printers is very low.

        5. Technical level:

        At present, the technical level of industrial UV printer manufacturers is relatively high, and the accessories, inks, nozzles, etc. are all imported, and the technical staff are more professional. And the civilian small Ricoh sprinkler equipment has not been on the market for a long time, and accessories and consumables will have rare monopoly and high prices. The Ricoh GH2220 is a very fine print head, but the Ricoh GH2220 is a water-based, solvent-based print head, which has many problems when used on UV printers. Compared with UV inks and water-based inks, UV ink particles are much larger than water-based inks. The civilian Ricoh GH2220 printhead has a short time out, and is not perfect in many aspects, including color control software and board compatibility.

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