What is the damage after cleaning the UV printer nozzle

       What is the damage of the UV printer nozzle after cleaning? The following editor will introduce the hazards and solutions of cleaning the nozzle in detail.


      1. Harm caused by poor quality cleaning solution

      The use of poor quality cleaning fluid will affect the print performance of the print head and corrode the print head, cause print head blockage, short life, and may even cause print head scrap.

      2. Harm caused by improper cleaning methods

      Use an ultrasonic cleaner for a long time to clean the print head. It will adversely affect the print head.

      3.Damage caused by careless operation during cleaning

      During cleaning, the circuit of the UV printer can be installed and removed at will without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power. This behavior will damage the service life of each system and endanger the sprinkler.


      1. The use of high-quality cleaning liquid can make the image printed by the UV printer have a high degree of color reproduction and better protection of the print head; it is not easy to break the ink and block the print head. Maintain better fluidity on the ink supply line. It is best to use the cleaning solution provided by the manufacturer, the quality is guaranteed.

      2. Use the products specified by the manufacturer and the quality inspection products to clean the print head. If the blockage is serious and ultrasonic cleaning is required, the maximum cleaning time is 3 minutes.

      3. Turn off the power switch and cut off the main power before disassembling and cleaning the nozzle. Do not use brute force whether you are replacing or fine-tuning the nozzle. Please treat the nozzle carefully according to the specifications.

      Carle share some cleaning tips for everyone

      1. Composition of cleaning liquid: On the bottle packaging, the manufacturer will indicate the introduction of different components such as industrial UV printer cleaning liquid, solvent-based cleaning liquid, and water-based cleaning liquid. Select the appropriate cleaning solution according to the equipment ink condition.

      2. Shelf life of the cleaning liquid: The shelf life of the cleaning liquid is 24 months. If the time is too long, the impurities in the cleaning liquid will increase. It is not recommended.

      3, cleaning liquid price: UV printer cleaning liquid market price between 100-150, you can choose the appropriate price of cleaning liquid, saving expenses.

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