What are the risks of UV printing?

        What are the risks of UV printers? At present, many companies have too few products and plan to process them on their behalf. However, choosing a suitable manufacturer is a headache. The following editor will explain how to choose a manufacturer for processing products. What factors should be considered?


        Inspection of processing plant scale:

        The strength of the manufacturer can be inspected by looking at the scale of the manufacturer, the registered capital, the number of personnel, etc .; field tests on the speed, accuracy, and stability of the UV printer.

        Payment settlement method:

        Understand and consult the payment methods of the manufacturers. It is recommended that after the long-distance inspection is completed, the price be determined and the funds be paid after signing the contract. Those who are near can negotiate the price directly with the manufacturer, and then pay the funds after processing. Avoid making direct payments on sites like Alibaba, causing unnecessary trouble.

        Logistics delivery guarantee:

        You should communicate with the manufacturer to ensure the logistics and delivery. Some processed products are fragile. After printing, the manufacturer needs to ensure that the product is intact.

        Advantages of Uv printer processing manufacturers:

        1. Know the true technical strength of the manufacturer: Seiko nozzle technology> Ricoh nozzle> Epson nozzle;

        2. Most of the equipment produced by domestic equipment manufacturers are assembled. Select manufacturers with independent patents and R & D and production capabilities.

        3. Choose a manufacturer with strong strength and reputation, good after-sales service and guaranteed quality.

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