What are the technical parameters of UV flatbed printers?

       What are the technical parameters of UV flatbed printers? Different manufacturers have different technologies. Let us understand what are the software and hardware technical parameters of UV printers.


        Hardware parts:

        Uv printer consists of multiple parts: frame, housing, main board circuit system, machine head board circuit system, ink circuit circuit system, negative pressure circuit system, guide rail, lead screw, servo motor, electrical appliance, ink circuit, filter, ink Pumps, air pumps, nozzles, belts, platform hardware.

        1.Frame part

        At present, the frame materials of various manufacturers on the market are basically iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. The worst is aluminum and the best is stainless. Then there is the material's specification width and thickness. Some manufacturers' racks are made of aluminum. The racks are light and the machine is wobbly. The other is iron, which looks more complicated, but the weatherability of iron is not strong, and it will deform after a long time. Stainless steel is better, but the cost is high.

        2. Motherboard circuit system

        Three types of systems commonly used by domestic manufacturers: Shanghai, Beijing and Wuhan. Generally, the technology of manufacturers who can make boards by themselves is relatively mature.

        3. The rest of the hardware

        There are now several brands of guide rails: Shangyin, THK, and Intime. Basically the manufacturers match one of them. The screw rods pay attention to the differences in specifications. Some manufacturers have 25 screw rods and 30 , 35. Servo motor brands include Panasonic, Delta, and Fuji. Delta's market share is relatively high. Countertop: Manufacturers generally use aluminum-magnesium alloy countertops. Ink circuit, filter, air pump and ink pump are not very different.

        4. Nozzle

        Industrial machine nozzles are generally Seiko nozzles, Ricoh nozzles, Konica nozzles. At present, Seiko nozzles are more suitable for large factories, and Ricoh and Konica are suitable for entrepreneurs and store openings.


        There are plastic gratings and metal gratings. Plastic gratings are relatively cheap, metal gratings have high accuracy and long life, but the price is more expensive. The cheaper ones are more than 10,000, and the more expensive ones are tens of thousands.

        Software part:

        Printing software, RIP software, drawing software, software are basically configured by the manufacturer.

        RIP software part

        Basically Photoprint / Onyx / Caldera, of which Photoprint is the mainstream, and the latter two are rarely used by manufacturers.

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