Seiko SPT-SRC1800 print head

       High-precision internal-circulation high-performance industrial-grade printheads are based on high-performance and high-reliability. Special applications such as ceramics, UV, and textiles provide efficient, reasonable, and extensive monochrome ink circulation structures to achieve printhead durability and multiple types of ink. Adaptability and low-cost operation with a 76mm print width provide the perfect solution for industrial inkjet applications.

        Supports one-color and one-color printing

        1.A total of 1800 nozzles in a single nozzle, supporting one color and one color printer

        2.Single head 600dpi, dual color 300dpi

        True print head inner circulation print head

        1. Autonomous repair: During the printing process, the nozzle holes automatically repair the broken ink problem caused by blistering and dust;

        2. When using special ink, it can prevent sedimentation and spray hole drying;

        3. No need to clean the print heads regularly, reducing unnecessary ink waste;

        4. Keep the stable viscosity and temperature by keeping the ink flowing at all times, get stable print head prints, and also improve the print color chromatic aberration;

        5. Non-degassed water-based ink can also be easily initialized for refilling, which can simplify the online degassing device.

        Independent nozzle technology

        1. Nozzle independent wall technology can realize high-speed ignition frequency printing;

        2. Effectively isolate the interference of adjacent nozzles and increase the life of the nozzle.

        Nozzle surface friction resistance

        Nozzle surface material enhances hardness and scratch resistance.

        Variable circulation mode


        Supports non-circular, full-loop and interval loop.

        Various types of ink

        1. Support oily, UV, solvent and water-based inks;

        2. Supports large particle inks such as large particle colorants and functional glaze inks.

        Structural design drawing

        Technical Parameters

        Nozzle model:SRC1800

        Nozzle number:1800

        Nozzle width:76mm

        Physical accuracy:600DPI

        Print head color:Single color, support dual color

        Spray speed:8m / s @ 2mm

        Ink drop size:6PL-50PL / 40Khz

        Gray scale:Level 8

        Circulation:50ml / min

        Ink type:Oily, UV, solvent, water-based

Processed in 0.009173 Second.