Detailed explanation of Seiko 508GS and 1024GS nozzles

        Seiko 508GS nozzle parameters introduction:


        Nozzle width is 71.54mm

        Model: 508GS

        Nozzles: 508

        Inkjet aperture: 12PL, 4-level gray gradient

        Material: All-steel structure, good impact resistance and impact resistance

        Advantages: there is a screen below the back of the print head, and the flat interface is equivalent to second heating the print head to ensure that the print head does not break ink due to temperature influence during the winter use.

        Life: up to 3 years

        Printing speed: high-precision production mode 25 square meters per hour

Seiko 1024GS printhead parameter introduction:

        Nozzle width: 72.17mm

        Model: 1024GS

        Nozzles: 1024

        Inkjet aperture: 7PL

        Material: All-steel structure, good resistance to installation and shock resistance

        Advantages: There is an ink heating system at the bottom of the nozzle, and double heating is performed on both sides. The heating on both sides of the nozzle can reach a maximum of 45 ° C and a minimum of 20 ° C.

        The Seiko 1024GS nozzle is a serial port type interface. When the serial port type interface is disassembled, the flat line of the nozzle cannot be reversed to prevent the nozzle from being damaged or directly burned. The Seiko 1024GS nozzle is also detachable, which can be directly disassembled and cleaned.

        Life: up to 3 years

        Printing speed: high-precision production mode 45 square meters per hour

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