UV flatbed printer rack

       Rack: It is used to carry the movement structure of the UV flatbed printer and support the machine platform and appearance structure, which is equivalent to the frame of the building. Without it, other components cannot exist and be installed. Because this part is hidden inside the equipment, it is easy to be ignored, but the importance of its structure directly affects the normal operation of all parts.

UV flatbed printer rack

       There are three main points for viewing the rack: material selection, structural design, and processing technology. The quality of the materials directly affects the life and firmness of the rack itself. The structural design reflects the hardware design level of the manufacturer, while the processing technology reflects the cost of the manufacturer's investment in this aspect.

       The weight of this UV flatbed printer frame is 2.5 tons, the load can reach 10 tons, the format length is 3.3m, and the width is 2.5m. In order to ensure the stability of later use, in terms of raw materials, high-specification steel and steel pipe models are used for welding.

       Where a large platform is connected to a steel frame, there is a plane consisting of three strips of steel, which is processed by a large gantry milling machining center. The plane error of the three strips of steel will not exceed 20 wires, which can guarantee the entire Model operation is smoother and more accurate.

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