Advantages of universal printer vacuum adsorption platform

                The advantages of the vacuum suction platform for universal printers. When many customers consult about universal printers, they will ask us how much the universal printer can bear and whether it can bear the weight of the material the customer wants to print. Let ’s talk about this issue in Hangzhou.

               Our universal printer adopts a vacuum adsorption platform, which is an aluminum honeycomb structure and is made of aluminum alloy material. It has a very high flatness on the surface. In addition to the aluminum honeycomb panel, this platform has light weight, high strength, high stiffness, bending resistance, In addition to the advantages of scratch, it also has the advantages of high flatness, small deflection value, large adsorption force, scratch resistance and wear resistance. The detailed advantages are as follows:

              1. Light weight and high load bearing

              The vacuum adsorption platform uses aluminum material and aluminum honeycomb structure, weighing 50 kg without deformation.

              2, customized

             The vacuum adsorption platform is tailored according to customer needs, whether it is the platform size, aperture and distance, suction area, suction diameter, number of suction ports, interface method, or intentional partitioning. customizable. Most likely to meet customer requirements.

Advantages of universal printer vacuum adsorption platform

            The picture above shows the customers of Hangzhou Kaler Universal Printer

            3.High suction average

            The vacuum suction platform has been optimized and designed to ensure that the performance of the platform is not affected, and to make the suction force at the desired position of the platform even and large.

              4. Large flat surface with high flatness of 2500 * 1300mm (can be spliced beyond this size). Can print any size material, suitable for a wide range of applications.

             5. Scratch resistance

            There are various disposal processes on the surface of the vacuum adsorption platform, including fluorocarbon powder spraying, anodizing, and hard oxidation, which are selected according to practical needs. Among them, the hard oxidation process is the most resistant to scratches and abrasion, and its surface hardness can reach hv500-700. As a more advanced flat-panel printing device, the universal printer has become a consensus.

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