Large-format universal printers need to be diligent in maintenance

               Large format universal printers need to be diligent in maintenance. Some customers have stated that after the universal printers are bought back, there will be some minor faults, but when our technicians came to inspect the machine, they found that many minor faults were not due to the machine itself. Caused by the fault caused by improper operation of personnel. So in order to avoid this phenomenon from happening again in the future, Hangzhou Kale introduces the maintenance method of universal printer for everyone.

                Universal printer has a lot of tiny nozzles on the nozzle, and its aperture is equivalent to dust, so the use environment of the universal printer must be clean and tidy. In addition, the dust also easily enters the printing ink and changes the ink structure, which affects the color of the printed product. Universal printers are expensive. In order for it to create the highest efficiency and print the best patterns, we must be diligent in maintenance and keep it in the best working condition. Universal printers are easy to operate, but users should still develop good operating habits.

               The operation method of the switch is very simple. There are many control keys on the switch panel and a power control key. The power switch is not directly connected to the external power supply, but has its own unique control to control the external power supply. When the machine is turned on or off, the system will initialize. The initialization work includes:

Large-format universal printers need to be diligent in maintenance

                The picture above shows the cooperation customers of universal printers

                1. Position and reset the print head and print paper.

                2. Check if the top cover of the printer panel is closed.

                3. Clean the print head by flushing the ink cartridge nozzle with the ink cartridge.

                The initialization of these systems can effectively reduce the incidence of failures and eliminate potential failures.

                 In addition, it should be reminded that the universal printer has wheels, light weight, large frame, and strong mobility, so when using it, we must pay attention to the stability of the printer to avoid the printer moving, and the power cord is pulled off, which is abnormal Shut down.

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