Why can't UV printer devices print mirrors

             Why can't uv printer equipment print mirrors? Recently, some customers will ask us whether we can process mirrors in Hangzhou, China. Our answer is: mirrors cannot be processed directly with UV1610 printers. Then the customer will ask again, why glass can print, then this mirror can't?

Why can't UV printer devices print mirrors

             Hangzhou Carle will explain to you why UV printers cannot print mirrors. The reason why UV printers cannot print mirror materials is mainly due to the nozzle. It is well known that UV ink solidifies when it sees light. This is its biggest feature, and when we use UV light to irradiate, it will dry immediately. Materials such as mirrors will have a reflection phenomenon during the printing process, and the light reflected by the UV lamp on the mirror just hits the nozzle, which will cause the nozzle to be blocked and damage the nozzle.

              So we must pay great attention to this when using it. At this time, some customers have to ask why crystal materials are possible. Because crystal materials are refracted when UV light is irradiated, there will be a small part of the light on the nozzle, so it will not have a large impact. , So crystal-like materials can be printed.

               In the case of considering this part of the reason, when choosing a glass platform, we try to choose a glass platform with a darker color and a smaller reflection, so as to reduce the danger caused by reflection. This can also increase the service life of the printhead, and customers are more assured of our machines. Now you understand why you can't print a mirror!

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