In 2016, which UV printer was the best-selling printer?

              In 2016, which printing industry will be the best-selling UV printer? As the home improvement industry is getting hotter, glass background wall and other glass materials are slowly becoming the new favorite of many decoration project companies. The glass decoration styles are various and colorful. It perfectly realizes the imageism in people's hearts. This is of course the credit of the king UV printer in mechanical equipment, so in the coming year, UV printers will definitely become more and more hot in the glass industry until it is crazy.

In 2016, which UV printer was the best-selling printer

             What kind of advantages does a UV printer have? Why does it make glass manufacturers crazy? Xiaobian here briefly introduces its advantages.

             First is the media. UV printers are omnipotent. They can print not only glass materials, but also other soft and hard materials, so long as they are solid, they can print. This is not comparable to traditional printers. Therefore, manufacturers can process other materials while printing and processing glass products in order to obtain greater benefits. The second effect is that the 1610uv printer is not restricted by the printing of white ink. It supports M, C, Y, K, and W in four primary colors and three primary colors. The printed colors are bright and clear. Three-dimensional, can be presented on both sides in glass.

            Uv printer is easy to operate. Compared with traditional screen printing transfer, uv printer only needs a USB cable to connect to the computer output to achieve one-time printing. When printing glass material, there is no need to typeset film registration and other procedures. The special UV ink is used. The printed glass material has clear and perfect printing quality, clear layers, all color blocks are visible, no color cast, color mixing, waterproof, abrasion resistance, non-thermal transfer, silk screen and other traditional processes are comparable.

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