What should pay attention to the routine maintenance of small UV printers

                 Customers who purchase UV printers need to pay attention to the following points in the daily maintenance of our UV printers:

What should pay attention to the routine maintenance of small UV printers

                1) Do not remove the spray head from the host and place it separately, especially under high temperature and low humidity. If left for a long time, the water contained in the ink will gradually evaporate, and the dried ink will cause the nozzles to become blocked. If the nozzle has become clogged, perform a cleaning operation. If cleaning fails, replace the nozzle with a new one.

               2) Avoid hitting the nozzle surface with fingers and tools to prevent nozzle surface damage or debris, oil, etc. from blocking the nozzle. Do not blow air to the nozzle, and do not allow oil, alcohol, etc. to contact the nozzle, which will cause the composition and viscosity of the ink to change and cause the ink to freeze and block. Do not wipe the nozzle surface with tissue paper, lens paper, cloth, etc.

                3) It is best not to turn off the power while the UV printer is printing. The printer can be turned to OFF LINE first, the power can be turned off after the nozzle cap is capped, and finally the plug is unplugged. Avoid exposing the nozzles to dry air can cause ink to dry out.

                What issues should be paid attention to when storing UV curable inks?

                UV curing is divided into surface curing, inner layer curing, deep layer curing, and complete curing from a physical point of view. Therefore, when using UV inks, it is necessary to fully stir the ink before use. It is the most basic principle for ink to be fully stirred. This is because the specific gravity of the resin, solvent, pigment, and auxiliary in the ink is different, and the layering phenomenon will inevitably occur after the ink is left for a period of time. If it is not fully stirred before use, the light-weight component is on the upper layer, and the specific-weight component is precipitated. In this way, the quality of the ink often reflected by the customer is unstable, and the hiding power and adhesion of the ink used before and after are different.

               Because UV inks are UV-curable inks, and sunlight contains ultraviolet rays, it is recommended that the sunlight in the UV printer printing workshop should not be too bright. If the workshop is too bright, please install curtains to block the light, because the indoor light is too strong and the ultraviolet light of the fluorescent lamp transmits. Phenomenon will cause UV ink to solidify during the printing process, thus blocking the nozzle!

               If you have any questions or want more information, please consult our online customer service for details, we will do our best to serve you.

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