What are the methods of UV printer cartridge maintenance

                  What are the methods of UV printer cartridge maintenance? In the process of using the UV printer, not only should you pay attention to maintaining the nozzle and body of the UV printer, but also you should also pay attention to maintaining some other parts, such as the UV printer cartridge. So what should you pay attention to when maintaining the UV printer cartridge?

 the methods of UV printer cartridge maintenance

                  1. Use ink mixing and ensure that the ink is operated in sufficient amount.

                  First of all, the ink has a certain acidity and alkalinity, so when choosing an ink, please pay attention to selecting an ink that can be used by a UV printer and has a good quality. Second, inks of different colors and different batches cannot be mixed and injected into one ink cartridge, otherwise chemical reactions will occur, which is disadvantageous for the printing work of ink cartridges and UV printers. Make sure that the ink in the UV printer cartridge is sufficient. Do not dry the cartridge with insufficient ink. This will easily damage the cartridge parts. In addition, high-quality inks protect and maintain the ink cartridges.

                 2. Clean and replace the UV printer ink in time.

                 When ink needs to be replaced, the ink cartridge needs to be cleaned and inspected. Dry and vent the air after cleaning.

                 When replacing the ink, pay attention to the remaining ink in the ink tube, and clean and exhaust. After replacing the ink, you can use flash spray or spray out at least one third of the ink volume, and then turn off the UV printer for 1 day after the ink cartridge is refilled. This is helpful for the normal operation of the ink circulation system and the smooth printing of the UV printer.

              3. Complete cleaning and maintenance of the ink supply system.

              Ink supply system includes main board, main ink tank, ink supply pump, filter, auxiliary ink tank, ink delivery tube, liquid level sensor, etc. It is very important to ensure that the liquid level sensor is in a normal operating state, and to carefully decontaminate, remove dust and exhaust other parts that need to be cleaned. The print head is an important ink transfer object of the ink supply system of the UV printer, and it must be cleaned at all times. The print head is very easy to be disturbed by dust and ink residues and stains. Therefore, it is necessary to often use the designated cleaning liquid for cleaning and unblocking.

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