Uv printer creative personality printing new style of home decoration

                Uv printer with creative personality printing, new style of home decoration. A few years ago, some well-developed countries have introduced the technology of UV printer inkjet tiles, but UV printer printing technology started late in China. In the past two years, many domestic ceramics companies have gradually introduced UV printer inkjet technology, and the continued sales of UV printer inkjet tiles have attracted more and more brands to join. Immediately led a wave of inkjet in the market, inkjet porcelain painting, inkjet wood grain tiles and other products swept the market.

               UV printer's third revolution in inkjet technology

               Before the advent of inkjet printing technology, tile designs generally used screen printing and roller printing. The first generation of screen printing technology, the second generation was roller printing technology, and the third generation of UV printer inkjet Technology breaks through the limitations of traditional printing technology. The working principle of UV printer inkjet technology is to print whatever pattern you enter. It can be said that the advent of inkjet printing technology will enable the production of ceramic tiles to change from "copier" to "printer". And the color patterns of the tiles have been omnipotent ever since.

Uv printer creative personality printing new style of home decoration

               Uv printer inkjet tile makes home decoration more personalized

               Applying UV printer inkjet technology to the ceramics industry can be said to be a major revolution in the ceramic industry. UV printer inkjet technology can not only draw any pattern on the flat tile surface, and instantly enrich the color and expression of the tile. With the popularity of UV printer inkjet technology, wood grain bricks, imitation stone bricks and other products can be made more and more realistic, and then become the new darling on the market.


Uv printer creative personality printing new style of home decoration

               Inkjet tiles personalized custom climate

               Inkjet tiles are a major trend in the industry and have attracted the attention of many individual consumers. However, the industry believes that inkjet tiles have a long way to go to achieve personalized customization.

               In the current situation of serious homogeneity of ceramic products and insufficient personalization products, inkjet tiles can be said to bring a fresh breath to uniform products.

Uv printer creative personality printing new style of home decoration

               Some people in the industry said that the emergence of UV printer inkjet technology can meet the designer's individual needs to a greater extent. No matter European, Chinese or other styles can be well realized on tile products. Request to print out personal photos or favorite famous paintings.

               From the characteristics of consumer demand, the level of consumption continues to increase, and the demand for personalized products will also increase. This is a large and potential market. However, regardless of batch or customization, the focus is on production-level issues. How to successfully achieve the sales and promotion of personalized products requires product design, product support, market channel development, and supporting marketing methods to adapt to it.

              Due to various reasons, the market acceptance of inkjet tiles is not high, and its advantages have not yet been fully demonstrated. However, when it comes to the future of inkjet tiles, people in the industry still have high hopes. The extensive cooperation between personalized inkjet products and designers will become a trend. Designers like personality, and inkjet can just better show various effects. The customized production of ceramic tile products still needs to be solved with clear channels and precise market positioning.

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