How about a personalized mobile phone case printer

                With the popularization of mobile phones, there are personalized patterns printed on the mobile phone case, sought after by many young people, how can they make themselves stand out among many mobile phone players, personalized mobile phone case printers can perfectly complete this color printing production. So how about a personalized phone case printer?

               Mobile phone case printers can print any personalized color pattern on the surface of mobile phone cases made of any material. At present, personalized mobile phone case printers on the market are mainly UV printers that use UV inks. Most of them use Epson and Seiko print heads, which not only print the pattern itself. The color is rich and beautiful, the lines are clear and natural, and the color gamut is wide. It also has a relief process that cannot be achieved by traditional printing equipment.

personalized mobile phone case printer

               Mobile phone case printers can print 3D relief effects. In addition to the color print head, a white ink print head is required. Before printing color patterns, white ink is printed first, because white ink can not only improve the adhesion of color inks, but also The accumulation of white ink can also cause the effect of unevenness on the surface of the mobile phone case, and then print the color ink to achieve a three-dimensional 3D relief effect.

              The current price of mobile phone case printers in the market is high or low. We cannot use price as the sole criterion when buying. According to your own production needs, printer model and performance, printing speed, and other factors, choose the best, choose the phone case printer that suits you, and then choose from a number of suitable devices that are relatively low in price and honest to the manufacturer Trustworthy to buy.

personalized mobile phone case printer

              The latest mobile phone case printer developed by Hangzhou Kale not only achieves a high printing speed of more than 200 mobile phone cases per hour, but also realizes print and dry, and the finished product can be shipped. The mobile phone case printer not only guarantees the product quality under the premise of ensuring high output, the scrap rate is almost 0, but also greatly reduces product waste, reduces production costs, and expands profit margins.

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