What are the methods to keep the sprinkler in the best working condition?

                After many customers buy the UV printer, the nozzles are often blocked or damaged because they do not know how to maintain the nozzles. We all know that the best way to keep the nozzles in the best working condition is to do something appropriate for the nozzles every day. Effective daily maintenance will greatly reduce the possibility of nozzle clogging, so please read the following carefully and refer to the operation.

the methods to keep the sprinkler in the best working condition

                I. Maintenance of the nozzle after the installation of the equipment and the initial stage of the equipment

                In order to make the printhead enter into the best operation state, before the UV printer officially starts to undertake the production business, please make sure to print as many screens as possible in 1-2 days. C, M, Y, K 4 color bars must be added to the two sides to ensure that the four nozzles are always in the inkjet state.

               How to maintain the print head after the work is completed every day

               After all the print jobs are completed every day, in order to keep the print head in the best working condition and avoid clogging the nozzles due to the volatilization of UV ink, please perform the following maintenance on the print head and let the equipment overnight.

               1. Turn off the UV printer power.

               2. First clean the moisturizing sponge with a special cleaning solution, and then pour the cleaning solution on the sponge to make it wet.

               3. Move the head back to the cleaning station on the far right and make the nozzle and the moisturizing sponge tightly combined.

               4. Keep this equipment overnight.

               Ⅲ.Handling method after found that the nozzle is slightly blocked

               After the nozzle is found to be slightly clogged during the printing process, press the PAUSE key to pause the print job without hesitation, and then use a syringe or a manual air pump to eject the ink from the nozzle for nozzle cleaning. After cleaning, you must squeeze the bottle to the nozzle Spray some cleaning solution on the surface to remove residual ink. Also check the nozzle condition carefully and find out the cause of the nozzle clogging.

               IV. Handling method when the equipment is expected to be unused for more than 48 hours

               If the equipment is expected to be temporarily unused for more than 48 hours, the ink in the nozzle must be cleaned, otherwise the ink in the nozzle will dry out due to the volatile solvent, which may even cause irreversible damage to the nozzle. The processing method is as follows:

               1. Turn off the power of the UV printer.

               2. Move the machine head to the leftmost cleaning position, and put a corrosion-resistant container under the nozzle for the cleaning waste liquid.

               3. Use a glass syringe to draw out or directly pour out the ink in the auxiliary ink tank, and then clean the auxiliary ink tank with a special cleaning solution.

               4. Unplug the ink supply tube from the print head, and then use a glass syringe to extract 40ml of special cleaning solution to clean the print head. Do 2 times. Finally, do not blow away the cleaning liquid remaining in the nozzle. Be sure to leave enough cleaning liquid inside the nozzle, because the cleaning liquid can keep the nozzle moisturizing.

               5. Put the treated spray head into a clean corrosion-resistant container and seal it (good with plastic wrap), and it can be stored for about 1 month.

               If you have any questions or want more information, please consult our online customer service for details, we will do our best to serve you.

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