UV printers drive revolution in leather printing

                  With the improvement of living standards and the development of the times, people's choice of leather materials and the requirements for color printing patterns are becoming higher and higher. Compared with traditional leather printing, people prefer personalized printing patterns. Therefore, a new type of professional UV-printer specialized in leather color printing equipment was born. It can also be said that UV-printers drove the revolution in leather printing.

                 Leather printing special equipment-UV printer, is a special color inkjet printing equipment on leather, which is different from traditional silk printing, thermal transfer, coating color printing, dye printing and other leather color printing technology, it uses It is an LED UV cooling light source, which can be printed and dried in the printing process, and the finished product after printing. Can effectively save the printing time of manufacturers and reduce printing costs.

UV printers drive revolution in leather printing

                  The picture above shows the leather printing case of UV printer

                  The biggest advantage of the uv printer is that it can print white ink on any background leather, such as dark-colored leather. Therefore, the leather printing machine has a wider choice of materials and is not restricted, and UV white ink can print bumps, reliefs, 3D three-dimensional effects. The principle is to outline the parts that need bumps on the computer graphics software, and print a layer of white ink first. , And then print color ink to reflect.

                  Hangzhou Kale professional equipment for leather printing has UV2513 printer, UV1610 printer and other models, using environmentally friendly UV ink, you can directly print patterns on light-colored leather, PU leather, artificial leather and other materials, and fastness After all, the color faded and the color was bright. Hangzhou Kale leather printing equipment is a revolution in printing in the leather industry.

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