Color UV printer your trusted brand

               Calle UV printer, your trusted brand! Many customers are struggling to buy what brand of UV printers when buying UV printers. Hangzhou Kaler's UV2513 printer and UV1610 printer are very suitable for your application and home improvement industry, building materials industry, advertising sign industry, personalized color printing industry, mobile phone. Shell industry and more.

Color UV printer your trusted brand

               The picture above shows the metal label printing of UV printer

               Hangzhou Carle UV printer features:

               1. Printing from one piece to another, you no longer have to worry about the cost and time consumed by plate making, color registration and complicated drying process.

               2. Multi-color, arbitrarily complex and transition colors can be printed at one time, and full-color images can be completed at one time.

               3, the printing surface is uneven, curved and round, traditional printing is helpless.

               4. The product is too thick, how to print it is a headache! From today, rest assured, any item within 10 cm, just come!

              5. Single screen printing color, leather printing machine is expensive, thermal transfer is destructive.

              6. The alignment is not allowed to keep the traditional printing defective rate high, can't help it? Or look at this series of UV printers.

              7. Color can be changed anytime, anywhere without paying extra fees.

              8. Various output software can be used to support various file formats.

              9. Computer operation, only 30 minutes, you can grasp, with your fingers, Jiangshan is right in front of you.

             10. Low cost, which can help you greatly improve your competitiveness!

Color UV printer your trusted brand

             The picture above shows the glass printing of UV printer

             The advantages of Hangzhou Kale UV printer:

             1. Ultra-high definition: up to 1080 resolution, it is the ultra-high-definition UV printer on the market.

             2, super high cost performance: good machine quality, reasonable price, high cost performance.

             3. Long life: 10 times longer than the traditional mercury lamp UV panel, 5-10 years.

             4. Save time: 100% power output can be achieved without preheating, ready to use and printing directly.

             5. Energy saving: power consumption is only 10% of traditional mercury lamp UV printer. Can save 90% of the power, the power of an LEDuv printer is only a few hundred watts.

             6.Printing thickness: height can be adjusted freely, suitable for different thickness materials.

             7. Printing media: suitable for glass, acrylic, PVC, tile stone, aluminum plate, wood board, cardboard, MDF, leather, textile.

             If you have any questions or want more information, please consult our online customer service for details, we will do our best to serve you.

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