Hangzhou Color UV printer operation skills

                  UV printer operation skills is a machine that can be easily operated by only one person and a computer. This is known to customers who understand UV printers. The reason why the operation is very simple is because we have a self-developed printing The software can be printed as long as it is set in the software, but after printing, a series of operations on the uv printer are required. We will summarize some small tips in the follow-up operations in the following, and hope to help everyone.

                 First trick: Do not start the UV printer frequently.

                 Uv printer is not the same as other printers, it is best not to let it start frequently, because every time the printer is started, the printer must clean the print head and initialize the printer, fill the ink delivery system, and of course waste some ink. In addition, if you press and hold the resume button on the top for more than 2 seconds, the printer will also clean the print head. So try to avoid frequent presses.

                 Second trick: Select the appropriate print mode.

                 Uv printers provide several printing modes, and the different printing modes consume different degrees of ink. If you only print ordinary materials and do not pursue speed, then it is recommended to use the "unidirectional printing" function, but if the processing volume is large and the speed is pursued, then the bidirectional printer function is recommended. Can greatly improve printing speed.


Hangzhou Color UV printer operation skills

                The picture above shows the device diagram of UV1610 printer

                Third trick: Learn to choose ink.

                Generally, non-original ink cartridges should not be used easily, because most of the ink cartridges have sponges. Non-original ink cartridges have a lot of sponge dissolution, and the stainless steel filter used at the ink outlet does not meet the requirements, which can easily cause nozzle clogging.

                Fourth trick: Solve the phenomenon of color cast.

                If the color printed by your UV printer is not the same as the color displayed on the screen, it means that the printing has a color cast phenomenon. Carle here reminds you that the main reason for this phenomenon is improper software settings, or the printer driver version is too low, or each user has made some inappropriate settings in the print software settings. If the above causes are eliminated, we should learn to correct the screen display and actual printing results. Different printing software has different correction methods. It is recommended that when printing is normal, open the printer options of commonly used software and record the settings at this time. When any trouble occurs in the future, you do n’t need to worry about analyzing The reason, you can solve the problem easily after restoring to the previous settings.

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