How to solve light color printing on Uv printer

                 How to solve light color printing on Uv printer? Some customers will consult us. In the process of printing, he sometimes finds that the color of the print is different. So under what circumstances has the color of the UV printer changed? How to deal with this phenomenon?

solve light color printing on Uv printer

                 There are three reasons why uv printers have lighter output patterns. Hangzhou Kale uv printer manufacturers will discuss the reasons and solutions for this situation with you for your reference.

                 First, we first consider the problem of the print material itself. The differences in the gloss, transparency, and smoothness of the printed items themselves have different effects on the print results, which may cause the output image to be lighter and deeper. In addition to the errors we can see, some materials have a small adsorption force on the ink or have a dissolving effect on the ink, which will also cause the pattern output to be lighter. This requires us to carefully understand the characteristics of the material and what kind of ink is suitable for this material before printing.

                Second, we need to consider that the ink level setting in the UV printer settings is too low. In the daily production work, the ink output in the uv printer image control software can be controlled and can be set to 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%, etc. If the operator is inexperienced, the job that originally required 100% ink volume may be printed with 80% ink volume, which results in a lighter output image. To get good printing results, just adjust the ink output to 100%.

               Third, we must consider that the PASS printed by the UV printer may be low. We know that the color and accuracy of the printed patterns are very different for different PASS of UV printers. If the PASS is too low, the printed patterns will be lighter. This requires us to learn to print small items with high PASS in the production work, so that the pattern is clear and rich in color; for large-format items, use lower PASS to print and speed up printing. How to use different PASS settings for different items is based on the actual operating experience of the technicians.

              If you want to prevent the output of the UV printer from being light or dark, you need to carefully observe the work and do more experiments to understand the characteristics of common materials, consumables suitable for this material, and the settings of the UV printer when it works. As long as technicians continuously accumulate experience in actual printing, these problems can be better solved. Therefore, the color depth of the UV printer when printing is a good way to deal with it.

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