Color teaches you how to choose the right UV printer for you

               How to choose a UV printer that suits you must be troubled by many customers. Choosing a good UV printer is important because it directly affects future production. Hangzhou Kale UV printer manufacturers have rich experience in producing machines, and customers who purchase equipment are basically divided into two types:

Color teaches you how to choose the right UV printer for you

               I. I am engaged in advertising, glass, ceramics, leather, decoration and other industries to introduce machinery to expand production and development.

Second, entrepreneurial customers know about UV printers and want to start a business by purchasing printers, such as mobile phone shell color printing, personalized custom printing, advertising production, and decoration material printing customization.

              Uv printers are now well promoted and used in the market. Create more wealth for customers. So how to choose a UV printer? The method is as follows:

              1, choose the right size machine according to the size of your material. Machine size is generally defined by the print format (width * length). Generally, the larger the printing size of the machine, the higher the price.

              2. According to your production needs, if you want to print faster, you can choose a dual-nozzle or multi-nozzle printer; if the requirements are general, use a single-nozzle. Generally, a single nozzle is much cheaper than a double nozzle.

              3. Choose a manufacturer with better quality. Domestic UV printers are generally assembled by themselves. Hangzhou Kale Company uses Epson nozzles imported from Japan, imported Seiko nozzles, and imported high-precision servo motors. The quality has been recognized by many customers.

              4, proofing on site, check the proofing effect. Provide the pattern and sample material by myself, proof by the company sold by the machine, and watch the proof effect after finishing.

              5. On-site proofing test. It is the most effective way to test the stability and accuracy of a machine: print the small number three in PS or CoredRAW, which is clear enough. Tic-Tac-Toe / Small Box is printed 10 times repeatedly, which can be completely overlapped without shifting.

              6. Examine the company's after-sales service in detail. In the early stage, because you don't understand the relevant performance of the machine, there will definitely be many small failures in the process of using it. This is the time to inspect the company's after-sales service quality. Only after-sales service is the most satisfying place for customers.

              If you have any questions or want more information, please consult our online customer service for details, we will do our best to serve you.

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