UV printer market development prospects and advantages

                 UV printer market development prospects and advantages. In 2015, UV printers were very popular in the market. Many manufacturers bought them for mass production and processing, and part of them bought their own businesses. So in 2016, UV printers will also It has been continuing the development of the hot market in 2015, so what advantages does UV printer have, and what is its development direction? Today I will introduce it to you.

                First of all, the efficiency and printing quality of UV printers are very high. It can perform color inkjet printing on a variety of material surfaces. Any hard and soft materials can be inkjet printed. And using this technology, you can print whatever you want, fast, high precision, any color block, text, full color pattern is completed at one time, saving time and efficiency.

UV printer market development prospects and advantages

               The picture above shows the equipment of UV printer

               UV printer not only has the advantages of ordinary inkjet printers, but also realizes a multi-purpose machine, and it is a better supplement for the screen printing industry. Moreover, the machine is fully automatic computer color high-speed printing. UV light curing is instantaneously dry and solidified, and the surface treatment of the spray coating is unnecessary. There is no need for plate making, printing, and repetitive color registration. The printed text and patterns have a convex and concave color relief effect, which can be sprayed with white ink, which is efficient and fast when printed, saving time and reducing costs.

               Talking about the future of UV printers, this machine can be suitable for small batch personalized production, and can also meet the requirements of large batch production. The machine can work continuously for 24 hours. It replaces the low-efficiency, low-production manual or semi-automatic screen printing market, and solves the problem of high cost and high inventory of traditional production methods. Moreover, its personalized production characteristics have expanded the business scope of printed products and stimulated the growth of demand. It can be said that UV printers are representative of emerging productivity, and their huge profit margins will definitely become new investment hot spots.

UV printer market development prospects and advantages

             The picture above shows the case of UV printer printing

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