Is the uv printer easy to operate?

                 Is the uv printer easy to operate? Many customers are worried about operational problems and personnel problems before purchasing the machine. They worry that too many manpower will be needed, which will lead to high costs. They will also worry that the operation will be too difficult to learn. From the perspective of operation alone, it is extremely simple whether it is the way of operation or the way the equipment operates. Generally speaking, completely unfamiliar people need 3-7 days to be proficient. If they have 1-2 years of computer knowledge, they can be proficient in 2 days.

Is the uv printer easy to operate

                UV printer operation is simple in those details?

                Detail 1: The pre-press process is simple.

                As we all know, the traditional printing needs to do plate making, film, color registration, mixing, etc. These not only require a lot of manual operation, but the process is quite tedious. In contrast, UV printers do not need these. Pre-press work only needs to edit the pattern in the computer's drawing software.

               Detail 2: Automation of printing process.

               Because of the use of new inks, there is no need to add coatings and baking before printing every material like traditional water-based and solvent-based inks. In contrast, UV printers can directly print on the surface of substrates, saving time and effort, and more peace of mind.

               Detail 3: Simple post-press processing.

               Usually, the pattern printed by the UV1610 printer is placed outdoors for 10 years. The pattern will not fade or fall off, and it does not require post-processing to achieve this effect. In contrast, traditional printing processes require varnishing, coating, etc.

               Detail 4: Simple operation.

               When designing the software, manufacturers fully consider the operating habits of Chinese users in China. The pages are simple and clear, and the functions are powerful and complete. What functions do you want to use at a glance? Just click with the mouse. At the same time, the manufacturer also provides a special and comprehensive function introduction material to facilitate users to better grasp the use of UV printer skills.

               Detail 5: No qualifications

               If it is only from the aspect of operating equipment to print products, no academic qualifications are required, as long as literacy is sufficient. For example, there are ready-made pictures, which are simply printed by simply operating the device. If you need image processing, you need to know a little bit about the basics of graphic design, so UV printers are simple to use and easy to operate.

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