Whether the advertising printer industry can develop well

               Can the advertising printer industry develop well? Anyone familiar with the printing industry knows that about two-thirds of sales in the printing industry now depend on advertising, followed by the building materials industry and mobile phone case crafts printing industry. The reason why the advertising industry is so popular is that most companies advertise periodically, and there is a large demand for advertising printing. In addition, the national economy will show a booming situation in 2016. Then according to experience, the advertising printing industry will also get a share of this development.

Whether the advertising printer industry can develop well

               At present, the advertising market has been on an upward trend and continues to develop, especially UV advertising printer printing equipment. According to statistics from the Advertising Economic Association, in 2016, customers slightly reduced their investment in media advertising by 5%. This is because the               UV advertising printer printing equipment industry is doing better and better, just like Hangzhou Caler, as we are familiar with, there has been a lot of innovation and improvement in the development of the UV1610 advertising printer. At the same time, the number of people in the operation is reduced to only one person. So a lot of savings in personnel expenses. It also gives customers more choices.

              Many customers said that whether they can make money in the advertising industry and whether the profits are really as big as we said? Here we have a statistic. Among the customers in the advertising industry, the success rate has reached 80%, of which The reason for doing a good job is mainly because the equipment is selected properly, a set of printing processes is completed, and finally the selected location is better. No matter what aspect, we can see that if we want to do well, the most important thing is to have a fast printing machine that can improve printing efficiency.

             There are many manufacturers of advertising printer equipment, including expensive ones and cheap ones, so choosing a cost-effective machine and equipment has some minor difficulties for customers. But no matter what choices the customer makes, I believe that in terms of machinery and equipment, we are still very confident in our research and development. Our Hangzhou Kaler advertising printer has a mature and complete printing process in the advertising industry, so as long as you buy our machine, we will provide it to you unconditionally to help you grow bigger and better. So we welcome customers who need to buy advertising printers to come to us to test samples and understand the machine.

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