How should customers choose an advertising printer

                   How should customers choose an advertising printer? Customers who want to engage in the advertising industry will consider how to choose a good cost-effective advertising printer when buying an advertising printer. Advertising printers are from nothing, from rough to precise, from complex operations to easy printing, from research and development. Although mature applications have gone through a considerable period of time, many people are still new to advertising printers. Because there is no uniform industry standard and the quality of each manufacturer is uneven, special attention should be paid when selecting an advertising printer. Here are some suggestions for choosing an advertising printer manufacturer.

                1. When buying a machine, the first thing to do is to test the stability of an advertising printer machine. If a machine becomes paralyzed after printing for a few hours, or the print quality declines, then this machine is definitely not necessary. Purchased.

                2. Whether to use a good print head. In the advertising printer industry, the common print heads are Epson, Seiko, and Science and Technology. Ricoh print heads have low precision, short life, and slow printing speeds, while Seiko print heads have advantages such as high precision, long life, and fast print speeds. Hangzhou Kaler advertising printers use this state-of-the-art Seiko print head.

How should customers choose an advertising printer

               The picture above shows advertising printer printing equipment

               3. To see the effect of printing, you can check it through pictures. A high-precision advertising printer uses a digital piezoelectric printing system and a precise transmission system. The printed picture is clear and high, without horizontal bars or stripes and heavy lines. Shadow. The printed pattern effect and original image reduction reached 99%.

               4. Look at the printing materials and specifications. There are many specifications for advertising printers. For example, with 1610 advertising printers and 2513 advertising printers, the longest printing length is 2, 5 meters. If the material range is large, it is best to choose large format because The printer has a large format, has limited materials and is suitable for mass production.

               5. Determine whether the quality of the product continuously printed by the advertising printer is consistent. Printers with good stability do not allow ink cuts and shifts in print position.

               6. In addition to selecting good quality and suitable models, you should also choose a manufacturer with a good service awareness and a professional after-sales service technical team. Knowing the scale of the manufacturer, whether the equipment is complete, and whether the advertising printer has sufficient after-sales capabilities, all depend on your golden eyes. Only with the above points, then you will definitely choose a good advertising printer.

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