How much is the advertising printer price

                How much is an advertising printer? We all know that when customers buy a product, the most important issue is the price of the product, in addition to the quality of the product. Of course, the same goes for customers who buy advertising printers. In addition to knowing how to buy a good advertising printer, you also care about the price of an advertising printer.

                The price of our Hangzhou Kale advertising printer is divided into two types, one is the medium-sized device 1610 advertising printer, the price is 98,000-152,000. The other is a large-scale 2513 advertising printer with a price of 169,000 to 298,000. Both of the above equipments use Seiko gs508 nozzle and Seiko gs1024 nozzle, which have strong advantages.

How much is the advertising printer price

                The picture above shows the medium 1610 advertising printer equipment

                After seeing our price, many customers will ask, why are your machines so expensive? And some manufacturers will be cheap? Here we want to say that we know the quality of machine parts And the strength of the company's research and development capabilities will make the quality of the product different, so the price of the product will also be different. For example, the same is a mobile phone. Xiaomi mobile phones only need more than one thousand, but Apple mobile phones have more than five thousand. This is the reason. Although they are all mobile phones, they can take calls and take pictures online, but the performance of the equipment is different, the quality of the products is also different, and the prices are different. How much comparability, choose your own, good quality.

How much is the advertising printer price

                 The picture above shows a large 2513 advertising printer device

                 All the components of the equipment produced by Kaler are imported components, and the R & D personnel are also highly educated. In the field of R & D machinery, we have rich experience and strong capabilities. In terms of performance or printing, they are very good. So our customers can buy with confidence.

                 If you have any questions or want more information, please consult our online customer service or call our customer service hotline 400-879-9697 for details, we will do our best to serve you.

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